High-rate data access maximizes your mission return - whether scientific data or business revenue. Audacy connects you and your spacecraft; from anywhere, to anywhere.


Access when you need it

Turn-key Spacecraft Communications

During mission planning, select a compatible radio and antenna; then reserve communications bandwidth as needed. There is no need to obtain an individual frequency license. Use the Audacy's system on the ground to test-as-you-fly; exercise spacecraft and ground systems before launch day.

Implement proactive operations with continuous monitoring, enabling corrective actions before system anomaly escalation. Retask at any time with surge purchasing of additional bandwidth. Deploy rapidly with Software as a Service (Saas) spacecraft operations. Minimize end-of-mission retirement for ground assets and obsolescence issues.

Flexible Multi-Tier Topology

Entry service levels are compatible with CubeSat applications, providing 1 kbps Ka-band with minimal spacecraft requirements and highly competitive pricing. The Audacy SaaS operations portal enables rapid deployment with very small up front costs. High-end use accommodates up to 1 Gbps Ka-band with hosted customer supplied interface racks on-site if desired.

Global Operations

No matter what time zone you operate in or what language your team uses, support is available 24/7, 365 days a year. If you are not yet getting the maximum possible return from your spacecraft investment, we are here to help.