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Any Orbit, Any Time.

Continuous communications
access for your spacecraft.

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Continuous Access

Applications for Non-Geostationary Orbit finance affiliate programs spacecraft are growing rapidly. Yet current communications are ineffective and expensive, limiting commercial growth. Audacy provides continuous space / ground communications - any spacecraft, Forex affiliate offers any orbit, any time.

Our Services

Turn-Key Space Link

We offer forward and return link access to your spacecraft, binary options trading affiliate program regardless of orbit. Links are continuously available multi-access Ka-Band, with data rates up to 1 Gbps. All you need is a compatible radio / antenna, and Deriv affiliate a service plan.

Who We Are

   A Global Hub of Space Communications

Audacy is aiming to be the global provider of commercial space communications IQ Option affiliate to operators anywhere in the world. Our operations are strategically located at international financial centers with high-capacity mission critical network infrastructure.